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Before you say to yourself; “man, this guy is into everything!’ Let me hasten to say that three of my favorite things are Music, Caribbean Culture, and Body Conditioning .  All in which I have years of experience.

For many years, I’ve been giving tips on toning and bodybuilding . I’ve been involved in the martial arts for over 30 years. In addition to the many katas and self-defense techniques that I’ve learned in Chinese boxing, I’ve also learned many great body and mind conditioning exercises. These exercises have kept me physically fit and in great shape. They have also enhanced my coordination, mental health, inner peace, and have given me a very youthful vigor. People who meet me for the first time are surprised to discover my actual age. These routines have been practiced for thousands of years in China by both men and women. I have made some of these exercises available to you on a brand new DVD. I’m confident that if you do this ancient workout at least three times a week, you too will unleash its mental and physical benefits in your life as I have in mine.


  This rare production is now available on DVD for only  $19.99.


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