“The Walk”

When God is ready to inspire you, it doesn’t matter where you are. I was in the shower when a thought came to me. “As I’m enjoying this warm shower, my brothers and sisters in Christ, are experiencing persecution because of their witness”. The melody, the chorus, and the entire concept came to me in that very moment. This powerful line in the song came after I looked at my life and all that I may be taking for granted…..”Same God same message but their life is so much worse. Is all my luxury a blessing or a curse?” No matter how catchy the tunes or soothing the songs on this CD, The walk promises to minister to your spirit.

This CD was well received on both coasts. Though it ministers to your spirit, the ‘SOON’ fever probably caught on because of catchy songs like ‘LIKE CHRIST’ – which plays on the old Michael Jordan commercial, ‘LIKE MIKE’. Then there was the cut written by David Sr. entitled, ‘COMING AGAIN’

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