The Library Journal bigs up this video saying…. “A whopping twenty Caribbean preparations.” This awesome video was shot back in

1994 long before fancy (inexpensive) digital camcorders. It is home-video quality but because

of content and hard-to-find Caribbean recipes on this video, public libraries all over the United States ordered it.  Finally, it’s available on DVD.

Caribbean Cooking Video | Vol. 1


Food Preparations                 Drink Preparations

Jerk Chicken                            Tamarind Ade

Jamaican Fried Chicken            Malta Drink

Red bean & Dumpling Soup      Peanut Punch

Codfish Fritters                          Sorrel

Callaloo                                     Mango Delight

Jamaican Beef Patties                Pina Conada & Colada

Brown Stew Fish                         Ginger Beer

Ox Tails

Curried Goat / Chicken

Fried Bakes & Saltfish (Cod Fish)

Curried Goat Roti / Chicken Roti

Peas & Rice

Ackee & Saltfish

Here Are Some Actual Testimonials About Caribbean Cooking on Video:

4 out of 5 stars            I’m actually making exotic Jamaican dishes!!!    Reviewer: Darren Johnson
I received Caribbean Cooking on Video for me to critique for a friend. I enjoyed the Jamaican poetry, the music, the information about West Indian culture that I didn’t know… but most of all; I enjoyed preparing Caribbean dishes that I’ve paid (over the years) hundreds of dollars for. It’s hard to believe that I actually made Jamaican Beef Patties!

4 out of 5 stars                 Excellent, easy to follow. many answered questions  Reviewer: Ronald Craig

Being an American but being a lover of Caribbean food, I often ask my West Indian friends how to make certain dishes and not given all the details but, thanks to your video now I have all the details I need for some of my favorite dishes. Thank you! Also love your presentation

5 out of 5 stars                    I had Soooo much fun with this video.  Reviewer: Chi-Chi

I don’t like to cook. I guess that’s why my boyfriend bought me this video. But now he’s raving

about my Caribbean cooking. This video was just what I needed.

Caribbean Cooking Video | Vol. 1





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