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David Jr. was born to David & Earline Marcelle in Hammersmith, London. When David was three years old, his parents moved back to the beautiful West Indian island called Grenada (not to be confused with Granada in Spain or Guyana in South America).

Little David was introduced to his brother and two sisters. They didn’t take the trip to England with their parents, and so (of course) they were strangers to David. It took a few years for David to accept the concept of sharing his parents with three other siblings. One particular thing (at the age of five or six) David noticed, is that they loved to sing – just like he did. Family worship would go on and on in the Marcelle household. The children would arrange and sing songs with intricate harmony. In this setting is where David develop his love for harmonizing. He truly believed that he had never heard a better duet than his mom and dad. The Marcelle family eventually moved to America

“The longer you live, the more you learn” This over-simplified proverb continues to hold true for David. It seems like only yesterday when he was multi-tracking his voice, using two little tape recorders; one to play his recorded voice, and the other to record him singing along with the tape player. As an, eager thirteen-year-old, this is how he spent most of his free time…. mixing his voice to produce harmony all by himself and trying to write songs like his father and big brother.

At age sixteen, David formed a trio named, ‘Beams of Light’. This group sang acapella gospel songs for a few years in its home church,

Hanson Place Seventh-day Adventist church in Brooklyn. Though David enjoyed harmonizing with his group, he was often frustrated by the ‘lack of commitment’ by the other two members. And so David went back to sing solo and sometimes with his own voice on tape as background vocals. From that point on David has sang with many groups, bands and choirs; but the frustration of dealing with groups would continue to haunt him. He would (seemingly) always find his way back to a solo act .

He also had a love for the martial arts. What started out (in the sixth grade) as karate lessons to fend off bullies, became (and remained) the sport of choice for him. Everyone expected him to pursue basketball since he was tall. By the time he was seventeen, he peaked out at six-feet, six-inches. Basketball (to him) was nothing more than a cardio workout. He eventually moved on from karate to kung-fu, and dabbled in exotic styles like Wing Chun and The Five-Animal system. Two interests that kind of came with the territory, were massage therapy and bodybuilding. Today, he says with a smile; ‘I don’t have a shoe contract or millions of dollars from playing ball, but I look at my family and know that I have no regrets’.

David eventually married his grade-school (7th & 8th grades) classmate, Carolyn Edwards. They had two children, Qwynn & Chelsea. Qwynn’s strengths include quick wit and intelligence (like his mom). Chelsea’s strengths are more on the creative side. She draws, paints and sings (like her dad). Chelsea can be heard on the CDs’, ‘THE WALK’, and ‘SOON’. In 2002, Chelsea will be ten years and her voice is getting stronger.

She was the inspiration for the duo act called,‘Marcelle’ (Chelsea and her Dad). Qwynn has not sat idly-by-creatively either…. This young man, at tender age of eight was running sound boards in church. At eleven years old, (in 2002) he is the youngest member of his church’s sound-technician team. The mighty Qwynn (as he is affectionately called ) runs a 26-channel Mackie mixing board, for a simple one-mic sermon, to an elaborate multi-mike musical concert. He was assistant engineer in his dad’s studio on both CDs, ‘SOON’ & ‘THE WALK’.

And so, the legacy which was started by David Marcelle, Sr. continues in his children and grand-children. David, Jr. has created other things besides music. He produced and shot a full-length video on Caribbean Cooking . “My father wasn’t the brilliant scholar with letters behind his name’, David says. ‘He was gifted with common sense and had a sense of timing. He came to the United States with about twenty bucks in his

pocket. And before he left to retire on The Island of Spice (Grenada of course), he had already bought and sold several real estate properties. ‘I learned to be a self-starter from my dad. To take nothing but a concept and craft it into a reality’. David has learned over the years… ‘it’s not so much what you start out with, but what you do with what you know and have. His big brother, (Denney) coined a phrase many years ago… ‘never give up, never give in, fight hard, and fight to win’! David often expresses that he doubts if Denney realizes what a positive impact his proverb has had on his life throughout the years

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